Welcome to Stationery

Our Achievements & Awards

  • Transforming a non performer to a performing creative individual

  • Creating awareness & social inclusion by providing an opportunity to meet the buyer & creator of the product

  • Providing economic empowerment of people

  • Helping in reducing the relapse rates of sufferers as the prognosis is good when the sufferer can be kept occupied in a meaningful engagement which they not only like to do but which brings hope in their life & enables them to earn their livelihood.

  • Assisting them to sell the products through our website

  • Helping them to get vocational trainings from us to become an entrepreneur

  • Helping them to get a comprehensive training programme to learn coping strategies arising out of illness.

  • We are organising exhibitions of our products till now at Dakshinapan shopping complex, Shoppers Stop, few retailers & malls at Kolkata. We are trying to spread all overIndia & also all over the world.

  • Recipient of following awards-

  • David Feinsilver Award(Australia)
  • Barbo Sandin Award ( Denmark)
  • 2nd place in e- Health competition, Amsterdam
  • UGC-CEC Award
  • Manthan Award
  • Good Governance Award
  • Hellen Keller Award

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