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`A talent Hunt will be organised by Turning Point at Gallery Gold from 28th February-2nd March from 1PM-8PM

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At gallery Gold we present creativity in the form of paper bags & envelops, art, collage, poems, books, music, recitation, instant drama, magic,fabric works, stitching & last but not the least beautiful junk jewelleries.

Jhankar-A Turning Point initiative to satisfy customers with colourful trendy costume jewelleries. All the designs are unique. many of the designs are not replicated too Designs are often custom made according to the need of the customers or keeping in view the apparel of the customers.We make costume/ junk jeweleries. Though this is our product which is visible, our another invisible service is transformation of the life of people suffering from mental illness, helping them, transforming them to produce & sell junk jeweleries to earn their own livelihood & get back their lost confidence.

My main focus is to run a costume jewelry business where these jewelleries would be designed & produced by people suffering from chronic mental illness. The biggest challenge in today's society is growing mental illness & marginalization of the affected individual. In this scenario a change is needed for the betterment of these people in the minimum available resources. Research shows that the most important need of a person suffering from major psychological problem is earning a livelihood.

Even after treatment & rehabilitation often these people fail to get a decent job if they lack the educational background. Providing them vocational trainings in a criticism free environment creates transformation of these individuals from lethargic depressed member of the society to an energetic functional member again which also makes social inclusion possible.

Our business would have a huge social impact as through these businesses we are transforming a sufferer from being burden to the society to an active contributory member of the society. The relapse rate of mental illness decreases when the sufferer remains meaningfully engaged in work & this would be possible through this business. The economic impact of a country is also affected as in all countries people suffering from mental illness are either burden on their parents or on their Government.

The first time she went to a picnic from Turning Point was really adventurous tour for all of us. In her way back she suddenly asked the driver to stop the car to have cold drinks & then ran away with a fellow. It was an adventure for all of us to retrieve her back & we decided that we would never include her again in any of our programmes.

This girl transformed all on a sudden as she got the chance to make & sale the products she started making after junk jewellery training from Jhankar- A Turning point Initiative.. Her handmade jewelleries were highly appreciated by customers of Shopper's Stop.The appreciation, the praise of people & the attention she got for doing something fruitful changed her life.. She took initiative to design & make jewelleries & sell them.

Now she is a totally different girl beaming with confidence & self control. Getting attention for her good designs & selling them has probably nullified her desire to get attention from strangers.

Exhibition at gallery Gold from 21st-24th April will showcase her handicrafts products, jewelleries along with almost 30 other individuals who are fighting back all odds & adversities of life & who have taken the oath to show the world that they too can make something beautiful with their beautiful minds.

Suchu, another girl who has difficulty controlling her impulses were never taken to any social gathering by her parents for last few years. We took her to Spencer’s shop during our exhibition at South City. She started waiving at the employees initially & we tried to control her by reminding her that she would lose the opportunity to come outside her house if she fails to control herself in public gathering. She went inside the kiosk & started calling the customers. She explained them that the products were made of her & her friends. Two women came & started interacting with her. They were surprised to hear that she developed the illness after her sexual abuse at her Engineering college by classmates .They were so involved that they offered to volunteer us in our work.

Suchu now participates in our entire program. Though some problem with her impulse control still remains but she has improved a lot. She works as Computer instructor at Turning Point.

At gallery Gold she proudly is showing her talents in the form of music & junk jewelleries.

Economic Empowerment-This woman felt that her in-laws & husband disrespected her, abused her verbally as they as they perceived her as a burden to the family. Her husband was planning to get a separation from her. He complained that his wife is lazy, sleeps the whole day, shows temper tantrums, becomes occasionally aggressive, never takes any responsibility, & does self muttering the whole day. Her transformation started as she joined Turning Point where she got acceptance & appreciation. She became less vulnerable to any comments & conflicts. Her rationality started developing & showed signs of improvement.

In this project which started with an exhibition she took the initiative to sell the products at Forum, Kolkata, make some innovations to display the products in an attractive way & was beaming with energy. She even took the responsibility to keep records of products sold. Her in-laws discovered that she too can earn money & become successful. Her relationships with family members have changed & her earning has made her earn the dignity & self respect in her family. Now her husband is happy with her wife & do not have any major complaints.

Beautiful botua's made of crochet work is attracting the attention of visitors though she is busy helping her parents & serving her mother who has recently undergone a major surgery.She came with her botuas & went back quickly to her home. " I shall have to make tea for my father Ishitadi & give medicines to my ailing mother" She has been able to show the responsibility of a daughter as well as takinmg part in this unique exhibition at gallery Gold

Social Inclusion-This time it is the story of few boys whose parents think that they are good for nothing. Their life was confined to four walls of their dark rooms with their typical symptoms of illness. They never used to go outside their own house, never taken any responsibilities.

As they joined this entrepreneurship project-they quickly learnt making jewelleries- took initiative in packing the products & also seem to be very happy selling the products too. They never missed a day even if it rains heavily & if their parents asked them not to go out in rain.

At gallery Gold they are fighting against their mood swings & delusions to show their talents in different art forms.

We request you a media coverage to show the potentiality of people suffering from mental illness.