Meet the entrepreneurs

We believe that given proper opportunity & environment a people suffering from mental illness can display their great potentialities & creativity. They become entrepreneurs themselves & can sell their products through us. Any organisation working with disability ( especially disability arising out of mental illness) can sell their products through our website after becoming our members .Any visitor can meet & see the entrepreneurs & their products, give feedback to them & share their feelings after receiving the product. They are our heroes who are continuously fighting back the adversities of life & giving human being the beautiful creations in art, craft, jeweleries, writings, music inspite of their difficulties .We salute them all.

Miss I

Sorry, we are not disclosing her identity as now she has transformed from being a beneficiary to a successful entrepreneur of Jhankar. Her story you might find interesting to know She was restless, she was fragile, and she was unable to control her sexual attraction & so would distribute her phone numbers to the public in a desperate need to crave the attention of people. She would wear revealing dresses, live in her own world of fantasy & would slip in to an unknown place with strangers & become aggressive & hostile towards parents if they do not permit her to be with them. Her parents would always keep a security who would keep a close vigil on her.

The first time she went with us to a picnic was really adventurous tour for all of us. We were always with her. When she would return back after the picnic in her own car under the supervision of her driver she fled with a boy. We found the driver standing at the middle of the road panicked. He let us know that she fled with some boy after she asked her driver to stop in the middle of the road to have cold drinks.

All of us rushed to all possible shops & destinations. One let us know that she prefers Coffee shop. So I entered the coffee shop but was unable to find her. My daughter pointed two empty cups. When I asked about the cups in the shop, they let us know that the customer has already left. So we deserted the coffee house in search of her to all probable shops. Suddenly I get a phone call from my daughter who informed me that when we left the premises they returned back from the toilet of the coffee shop. We were in a conflict & were not sure whether we can again take her with us to any outings.

This girl became very excited when Shoppers Stop gave us the chance to exhibit & sell our products in their premises. This girl alone made half of the product of the exhibition when she heard that we have got a chance to have an exhibition at Shoppers Stop & we need many products. She was engrossed in designing jewelleries , making them & selling them at City Center. She took responsibilities to distribute any new products made by her & has never shown any interest in strangers or shown signs of lack of control.. Getting attention for her good designs has probably nullified her desire to get attention from strangers.

She now earns in thousands. She has even been to places outside Kolkata where she has sold her products. She now has learnt to control her impulses & happy about her changed role.

Miss F

I want you to hear the story of another woman whose husband was planning to get a separation from her. He complained that his wife is lazy, sleeps the whole day, shows temper tantrums & occasionally aggressive, never takes any responsibility, never ever works & does self muttering the whole day. Her transformation started as she became part of our initiative where she got acceptance & appreciation. She changed her habit to skip away from her in-laws house to her parent’s home. She even became less vulnerable to any comments & conflicts. Her rationality started developing & showed signs of improvement.

In all exhibitions she took the initiative to sell the products, make some innovations to display the products in an attractive way & was happy & beaming with energy. She now took the responsibility to keep record of everyday products sold & types of products sold. Her effort has changed her life. She gains confidence every time when she earns from Jhankar.

Bidisha Mukherjee

Loneliness and isolation governed my past life. Amity and glee had long been lost. My confidence got shattered and hurdles streamed in. I faced problems in interacting with the outsiders and gaining their co-operation. In the vast ocean of nervousness I failed to locate my actual likes and dislikes. Mixing with strangers was not my cup of tea.

Jhankar came as a turning point in my life and I enjoy learning the beads art. Hope and determination has started germinating within my life and my long cherished dream of being independent is not very far away from becoming true. I feel elated to make costume jeweleries and I can’t measure the exhilaration that will come when I get my first earning.

In this process I have gained a lot of self confidence, concentration and communication skills.

Dibyendu Chatterjee

First of all I would like to thank Jhankar for giving me-and many others like me a platform of social interaction. Had it not been for Ishitadi, through whom I had come in touch with Jhankar, I would have never known what an opportunity I was going to miss. I lost my confidence after my illness. I was also suffering from addiction at that time, which worsened the situation.

Now I enjoy working, I mean making costume jewellery products along with many of my friends under the banner of Jhankar. When I earned some money in the exhibitions which was held by Jhankar last year, I felt extremely happy! I’m really excited being able to earn and the bonus is the confidence which I have gained through this work. Now I can dream of my own future, a bright one…..I can even visualize it in front of my eyes.

Hey friends, I’ve something more to say-my habit of reading, which was never there, has gripped me I really love reading story books and I can feel that my concentration has improved a lot. Now I can also match the color and design of the beads on my own and create something indigenous. And speaking of my old addiction-well I don’t even feel the need to have I anymore. Rather I would say that I’m addicted to making fashion jewellery! Three cheers for Jhankar and of course Ishitadi, who had been my guide & mentor all the time and still is!

Amrita Guha Roy

I don’t even know what happened, but for months & years I suffered a lot & that too suffered alone. I was unable to express my pain, the reasons behind my restlessness & would often become very impulsive. Friends & even family members started avoiding me & I too withdraw myself from the society

Now that I’ve come in touch with Jhankar, my life has improved a lot! I enjoy making these beads products very much. I have that satisfaction & hope in my mind that I too can be self-sufficient in the future by making these necklaces, bangles, earrings and so on. Yes, earning would obviously be there, but the self-satisfaction that I get now is tremendous.

A radical change has also taken place in my life- now I can concentrate, interact with my friends which I could not do earlier. Now that Ishitadi, Jayadi are constantly by my side and encouraging me, inspiring me to do the jewellery work, I feel that if I put in more effort, I can really do something on my own in the future & be economically independent. Though I’m still in a slight dilemma regarding interacting with others, but the shakiness which I had earlier is there no more. And I believe that the rest of it would vaporize with the passage of time….being at work with my friends. Thank you Jhankar, and you too Ishitadi, for giving me the constant inspiration and hope in my mind. You really deserve it!

Indranil Sengupta I was a failure from my very childhood. My teachers used to scold me a lot & punish me for my failures. I often failed to make them understand that though I was putting my maximum effort I was unable to retain the lessons that I learn at school. I started hating my school & especially the teachers. I used to hate everyone. I was unable to find out the reason why everyone rejects me, why they do not appreciate me for anything I do?

Now I am happy as I can do beautiful fabric works .Previously I had not even the faintest idea about fabric work, or things associated with it. Now that I have learnt & doing the fabric work, I enjoy it a lot. It’s so colorful! I get immense satisfaction while at work and feel that I’m energized a lot! This has become my passion and mode of earning too. I want to earn even more in the future doing these fabric works on sarees, bedcovers, table cloths….the list is endless. Now I have that courage & determination of making my dream come true-of opening my own outlet through which I would sell my products!

I have been able to overcome a considerable portion of my illness. Now I can freely mingle with my friends and other persons and my communication level has increased substantially. I want to make my parents happy & be proud of me, not to speak of being by their side economically in the future. Thank you Ishitadi & your entire team of Jhankar for making my life more happy and meaningful!

Aritra Saha

I love music and could sing. I was not interested in the bookish knowledge & was faraid of my teachers & parents as they used to pressurize me to mug up the different subjects taught at school. I failed & failed miserably. I thought why can’t I sing & make a career in it? Why everyone needs to go to school all the time?

But coming to Turning Point and knowing about Jhankar has given my life a totally new dimension. I love doing the beads work since I have been able to earn through it in the last year’s exhibitions. I hope to make my livelihood both through this costume jewellery making and singing in the future. And I believe that this dream of mine would change into reality with the passage of time.

Moreover my long lost concentration has improved a lot due to sitting and doing the beads necklaces, earrings, etc. for a considerable period of time. I even now can match the beads with their colors and designs, count how many of one type should be embedded together with the other while making them. This gives me immense pleasure which I never had till date. I am also thankful to Ishitadi because had it not been for her, not only would I have been able to come in touch with Jhankar, but also got many friends with whom I can work, laugh, share my feelings and have fun! Can you imagine, now I work at Jhankar & earn my money like others of my age!

Arkadeep Sur

I never got the type of environment as I get here at Jhankar- A turning point initiative wherever I had studied earlier. My confidence level was very low and I had a lot of inhibition within me. The circle of friends with whom I used to mix and chat was not good too. Even my teachers failed to understand me. For this reason, I was never able to utilize my full potential. This affected my studies too.

Now at Turning Point, I really find interest in whatever I do. Apart from enjoying my work, I like making beads products under the banner of Jhankar. I have gained a lot of experience too. Now I am again nurturing my dream, my ambition of building up a bright future. I also want to want to do more necklaces, earrings, bangles etc. so that I can earn more money on my own. I also have an aim to expand this costume jewellery work together with the help of Ishitadi, Jayadi and others so that it spreads to a vast area of the society.

Doing this costume jewellery work has increased my motivation, my urge to do more. At the same time, I’m able to brush up my skills which had become rusty. I am also able to explore and utilize my creative side along with improvement of concentration power and becoming more self-confident. I am now more focused and determined to turn my dreams into reality. For all this, I am really thankful to Ishitadi and Jayadi for constantly motivating and encouraging me and being by my side whenever I faced some difficulty. Kudos to both of them and also to Jhankar, which really has given me a platform through which I can be economically independent and usher in joy and happiness in my life.


I had never done any creative work earlier in my life until I came to Turning Point. Here I came to know about Jhankar from Ishitadi. I am not gloomy and depressed anymore as I used to be earlier. Whenever I am making the costume jewellery products along with my friends under the supervision and guidance of Ishitadi and Jayadi, I enjoy it thoroughly.

Sometimes the work pressure is a bit high and I find it difficult to cope with. But I get constant inspiration and support from Ishitadi and Jayadi, which again helps me to regain the energy and continue my work. Though I want to build up my career by working in an office or in academics, I want to do this beads work parall Experiences & Feedbacks of Beneficiaries before & after being a part of Jhankar

Rita Roychoudhury

Earlier, before I came to Turning Point, I was a very introvert and shy person and used to remain in shell, not opening up to anyone. My elder sister used to understand and feel this. I was quite good at sports and my flair in writing was there since I was in school. But I could not express my feelings, my positive traits and express what I wanted to do to other persons as I was very shy and introvert. I used to hear voices & never was free enough to enjoy life .Slowly I learnt how to cope with these voices & whenever I used to concentrate on any of these creative works which I have started enjoying, I found that those voices were not disturbing me any more.

Now apart from doing the embroidery work, I very much enjoy making the beads’ necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. under the guidance and supervision of our mentor, Ishitadi. It was she who told me about Jhankar, a very noble initiative by Turning Point to help persons like me to be economically independent by making these costumes jewellery products. I hope to earn my own bread in the future by making these items.

Making these beads’ work has also given me the patience to sit in one place for hours and also improve my concentration and self-confidence. My mind also becomes colourful when I make a necklace or a pair of earrings with bright colours and beautiful designs. Thank you Ishitadi for motivating and encouraging me to be a part of Jhankar-which is not only a platform for us to make costume jewellery and be self-sufficient, but also a place where I have many friends with whom I can laugh, share and have loads of fun.


I want to do something. I was never sure, what I would do as I was never very successful in my studies. But I always dreamt of becoming a teacher & doing something which would be appreciated by others.

Now, being a part of Jhankar had changed my life completely. I am not the Diplekha of the earlier days, who would be alone and brood or mourn since she had been rejected by many a one and shifted to a dark corner. I very much enjoy doing the costume jewellery products under the care, guidance and supervision of our ‘didi’- Ishitadi as we call her. I have now started to dream- a dream which would very soon turn into reality; of me becoming economically independent by selling the products I make. Ishitadi’s and Jayadi’s constant inspiration and motivation has helped us in ushering in a new hope in our lives. I thank her and her team very much for that.

Making these beads’ products has also helped me in other ways too. Now I can sit for a long period of time making these items along with my friends. Hence, my patience, concentration and self-confidence have increased quite a lot. I also feel very fresh after a day’s work at Turning Point when I return home in the evening. I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. las Experiences & Feedbacks of Beneficiaries before & after being a part of Jhankar


A year back I used to be very restless. I often would disappear from home. I used to hate the restrictions imposed on me. I never liked my studies too.

I joined Jhankar & went to Shoppers Stop. At that time as a new student I was not able to make any jeweleries but helped all Didi’s in all their efforts. I visited South City everyday & would ask the customers to see the different products made by our team. After the exhibition I got my first earning of my life. My earning for being a salesman at the store. I was so happy.

After that exhibition I slowly started making these costume jeweleries & enjoy doing it. I get the love & appreciation from all. I am a responsible fellow now. I can take care of myself & my group.

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