As a turning point initiative Ishita Sanyal started Jhankar in 2011 to explore immense potentialities of people suffering from mental illness. Many of them have not been able to successfully complete their education & some are suffering from chronic mental illness with borderline IQ. For them joining a job or completing their incomplete education is often not a very easy task. After treatment & rehabilitation unless mentally ill people are kept occupied in a meaningful work it becomes difficult for them to recover. Getting remuneration for their work satisfies their ego .

Life without any meaningful activities becomes painful for the recovered individual. Even after recovery many people fail to go back to the mainstream of life. They feel frustrated, depressed & so relapses are frequent. Engaging them in creative & meaningful activities in a criticism free environment where they get the pleasure to explore their own potentialities is needed.

Fourteen years of experience of Ishita Sanyal made her realize that some positive steps are needed to be taken for these people after their recovery. They either should get a job (Turning Point assists in getting a job for appropriate candidates) or they should earn their own livelihood selling the products made by them.They need a working community in their process of transformation

It has been observed that individuals who have been able to successfully create meaningful product & sell them to earn some money get satisfaction & their prognosis & development is far better than others.

Jhankar would be a special website where any person from anywhere in the world would be able to display his/ her arts & handicrafts works, junk jeweleries made by them through the website. It would also provide opportunity to display any musical CD’s , books by these unfortunate victims of mental illness.

Ishita Sanyal wants to transform their life & wants that everyone should be fortunate again & share equal human rights in this world.

Jaya Das

Jaya Das feels- A Turning Point initiative feels satisfied & encouraging while working for people to reinitiate their development by providing them the needed handicrafts training as well as giving them an opportunity to market the products. From morning till evening she is busy guiding & looking after the products made by these people & encouraging them to be more productive. Her appreciation helps them to gain the confidence. Everyone keeps on questioning about the probable dates of exhibitions as they all know an exhibition means getting a remuneration.

She enjoys helping these unfortunate victims of mental illness & wishes to do the work life long as the experience is rewarding in nature.

Anirban Bhadra

He is bright. He is young.He wants to be part of this initiative. He is the person whose role is to bring the raw materials & keeping the record.He wants to dream big.He cheers the jewellery makers & tries to motivate them for increasing their functional level.

Falguni Banerjee

She is the ear ring maker of Jhankar. She is always busy creating beautiful earrings. She also keeps an eye on keeping the records methodically & assists Jaya Das in all her work.She dreams big & wants to become a successful entrepreneur.