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Social inclusion & Awareness

Social inclusion of people suffering from mental illness is not possible only through awareness programmes, seminars, workshops & conferences national or international. Social Inclusion is only possible when society would be able to identify the potentialities of these people, adore their qualities, feel for them, identify their opportunities as well as difficulties, respect them & include them in their day to day life.

Keeping this in mind we have created Jhankar which would bring a turning point in the life of people suffering from mental illness as well as general people who would be filled with happiness once they discover the unique capabilities of these people through the website. For social inclusion we have kept the opportunity to interact with the creator of the product that the seller buys & they can share their feelings of making the product along with using it. Appreciation & interaction would open the door for further communication & help in social inclusion automatically. This also helps in creating awareness amongst people all over the world the challenges of these people & how they are breaking these barriers & creating a mark in the society again.