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Uniqueness of Jhankar

Jhankar creates melody in the heart of the buyer & seller. The sellers here are people with dis ability (from all over the world) arising out of mental illness. Society shun them & make them live as a burden on others, making their whole life dark without any hope for future .We provide opportunity, environment for these people to make their life & the life of the buyer fill with colours of joy & happiness. The goods that they create place them in high spirits, transform their role from a burden to that of a creator, a producer of beautiful outputs that they are capable of doing inspite of their illness & this also helps them to come out of their illness. It changes their life & brings back smiles in their face.

They fabricate new designs & make junk/ costume jeweleries, beautiful hand painted fabric bedcovers, cushion covers, tablecloths, table mats, and hand made embroidered cushions, bags, botuas, saris, table runners & lot more. Glass paintings, painted or decorative earthen pots, paintings & photographs are their forte. Not only these you also discover few writers amongst them lettering beautiful melodious poems & short stories to grab your attention. Music, recitation is also worth mentioning & we would be happy to provide you songs sang by them along with beautiful poem recital.

Jhankar provides melody in the life of the buyer as through this platform a person gets a chance to see & get creations of these uniquely abled people (suffering from dreaded mental illness) not from any specific NGO, or any specific locality but from people all over the world who would be interested to showcase their special ability through this website.

The buyer gets a chance not only to grab beautiful creations of these people & feel happy but also get a chance to interact with the creator of the product (if the buyer is willing to do so) & share their mutual feeling of buying & selling the products. This brings melody in the mind of the buyer as he/ she is getting a product for which he/she is paying the money as well as doing some good work for the community, for the people who are marginalized till now in this earth.